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  • B.Ed Admission Opens for Session 2018
  • Govt. Recognized NTT / NPTT Dip. Courses
  • We have shifted to new address @ Malviya Nagar!! WE DONOT HAVE ANYOTHER BRANCH
  • B.F.A. Degree Course Admissions Open
  • Admission Open for session 2018- 2019


 Hobby & Professional Courses

  3 -6 months Hobby Programs  /  Class:  2 /3 days a week 

  Modules & Programs

 1. School Craft  For In - Service Teachers ( 1 - 2 months) 
                  Teaching Aids, Display board, House Activities, Props for Cultural Program, club activities,
                   Re - cycle projects, Festival Craft, etc.

 2. Hobby Craft -  3 -6  months - choose your activities from the projects lsited below

 3. Specialized Work  ( 1 -2 Months)
      Mural on Ply, Thermocol Sculpting, Pottery, Air - Modelling ( Flying Balsa wood Gliders)


Weaving, Punch Craft, Quilling (2 & 3 D), Mosaic, Scarp book Decoupage ( Various Surface & Material), Jewellery making, Candle & Chocolate making, Stationary Customization Paper - Mache, Re - Cycling Projects, Festival Craft, Fabric Painting Glass Painting, Pet Jar Projects, Thermocole Art, Parchment Craft, News paper Projects, Sand Painting, Grain work, Modern Madhubani Relief work with thread, Folder & Envelop making, Gift wrapping Bead Artifacts, Collage Work, Salt Dough work, Egg Tray Craft, Paper Flowers, Marble Artifacts, macrome weaving, tatting, clay work, tribal art work and much more


Craft is a skill of making things with hands while mind works and sees the same things in different perspective each time.  Novelty is another name for Craft.  Crafters world over woo people by their art of creating something unusual, using normal and usual things seen as waste and un useful. It was and is considered free time or leisure time activity, but of late many people are taking it as serious professional activity and are engaged in professional crafting of a different genre. 

 Old craft forms and techniques are finding its place back in modern times.  Paper quilling artifacts, punch craft artifacts, recycle products made from hands, paper mashie products, threads and beads artifacts, old crockery re processed into lamps and light shades and much more are hot selling items at most handicrafts exhibitions. With globalization traditional crafts associated with particular region are now finding patrons from world over.

 At Pragyan we offer short term art and craft courses, certificate art and craft courses, diploma courses in art and craft. One can learn different crafting techniques for professional purpose or to get oneself a school job. We believe in creating a mind set and not just teaching defined projects.

We combine traditional and modern craft forms to make it acceptable in today‚Äôs setup. While taking school job related craft classes, we engage students in developing things that can aid children in regular teaching - that is combining art and education. Easy projects that an art teacher can conduct along with subject teachers, so that both are at win win situation.  For professional endeavors we conduct craft sessions in various forms and mediums. 

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Call on  9999896862 / 9811113859 for details  - Monday -  Saturday - 9 am - 6 pm


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