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  • B.Ed Admission Opens for Session 2018
  • Govt. Recognized NTT / NPTT Dip. Courses
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  • B.F.A. Degree Course Admissions Open
  • Admission Open for session 2018- 2019

NTT/ NPTT / D.ED Yr. 1


 NTT       (Nursery Teacher Training)                                               1 Yr.

 NPTT   (Nursery & Primary Teacher Training)                            2 Yrs.

 D.Ed      (Diploma in Education) Under Approval                            2 Yrs.

 Pragyan Institute for Education offers Certificate, Diploma and Degree level courses in Teacher Training. We are the only one to provide Govt.Recognized NTT, NPTT courses in Delhi. Nursery and Nursesry Primary Teacher Training courses are entry level teaching courses. This Recognized Diploma Course in Teaching helps a candidate to get jobs in CBSE affiliated Public and Private Schools all over India. The course helps one to acquire adequate knowledge and understanding of teaching profession, teaching practices and methodologies. It broadens ones views and ideas about childhood educations, its needs and requiremnets, children and their behavioral patterns and also how the see, imagine and percieve their environmnt.

 At Pragyan Institute for Education lot of stress is given in shaping up near to perfect personality of a teacher. Lectures are not only textual, they are more as experience discussions. There is whole class teaching which targets each student teacher to express herself, analyse her individual experiences, reform and restructure them to be utilized whenever and wherever needed. A Student Teacher is also made to relook into her past - her own learning experiences, re think upon the most enduring experiences and also the ones she didnot attach to. This helps in understanding the key issues and problems of present set of studnets she will have to teach and train.

 Besides this, skills in communication are also attended to. A teacher has to have good communication skills. Language should be clear, fluent, should have good and sound vocabulary, comand and condfidence is using the language. She should also be a good content developer. During training all these requisites are taken care of and it is seen that student teachers with weak communication skills are trained extensively.

 Another important aspect of NTT and NPTT courses is to help develop good writing skills. As todlers learn much through immitation, therefore Speaking and writing skills of Teacher should be flawless. Much focus is laid duirng practical training in improving hand writing, formation of alphabets & numbers. For this purpose regular handwritng and black - board writing sessions are conducted.

 Art and Craft too is important subject in NTT and NPTT courses. Class room is not any other room, its a place where most of unconcious learning takes place. Thus a student teacher is also taught how to use Art in Education. Importance of dispaly, colours, shapes and visuals are discussed and extensive traing on preparing cost effective teaching aids is carried out with full dedication and enthuasim. many value added classes are conducted, where student teachers display their specific crafting skills and train other student teachers as well, thus making  entire learning process very democrtatic and intersting.

 We, at Pragyan welcome all thoes who want to become a teacher. We shall be happy to extend our experiences and knowledge towards making teacher education more strong and powerful.

 Career Opportunities - Core Job And Allied Fields

 Nursery and Primary School Teachers ,  Activity coordinator

Curriculum designer - after considerable exp. in teaching



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